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Friday, May 05, 2006

Survey Report on Early Childhood

Purpose of the survey

This survey is about Early Childhood. The purpose of this survey was to know the opinion of people about the profession of early childhood educators and what they think about the daycare centers. Another purpose was to know what the people think about law 124. Our society is made up of a lot of opinions and I wanted to know these opinions to learn more about my future career.


Three of us make the survey, but there were just two people who studied in Early Childhood Technical. This survey is made up of ten questions. There are yes/no questions, essay and questions with multiple-choice. The essay are about what the parents think of daycare centers and if they think that is good for their children. The total of respondents vary between seven and twelve. They vary because the people who answered at our survey didn’t answer all of our questions. It was the site that collected automatically the data of the survey.

Results and Analysis

The results show that the people find the daycare centers good for children. There are only 25% of people who think that early childhood educator is a trade, 91.7% of people who think that the technical training to do before this profession is useful and 83.3% of people who think that the early childhood educator should have a better wage. So, we can conclude that the majority of people have a good opinion about this ‘’profession’’ and they think that early childhood educators should have a better wage because it’s very little for the big role of this ‘’profession’’. Also, 50% of people want that their children to go to a daycare center and think that is more enriching for the children to go in a daycare center before school. The results of the question about law 124 are very varied because people don’t know what is it, but 33.3% of people don’t agree with this law. So, they don’t think that we should erase the studies to be early childhood educator. The majority of people think that the food in a daycare center is good, but others think that the food at home is better. All the people think that the daycare centers are good for the development of the children because they develop relationships with other children. A lot of results are positive about the fact that men have their place in early childhood education and about the fact that children who go to a daycare center influence their relation with their family.


Finally, we can see that the opinions of people about this subject are very good. I’m sure that the children of the future parents who answered this survey will go to a daycare center because the majority of results were positive for the profession of early childhood educators and for the daycare centers. With this survey, I have learned a lot of opinions of people in our society and it has helped me to learn other things about my futur profession.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Early Childhood Education Survey

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Welcome to my world!
My home town is St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. St-Jean-sur-Richelieu is a very calm and peaceful city where many people know each other. There are some special activities in my city but these activities are mainly in the summer. June 24, people celebrate ‘’La St-Jean Baptiste’’ and there are fireworks, inflatable toys for the children and shows.
During one week in August, there is the Hotair Balloun Festival. There are shows with
comedians and singers, a lot of activities and a little fun fair. In my little city, everything is
close to us (stores, the cinema, bars, bowling, etc.). I think
it’s the best city to have pleasure.